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Café ArtySana.
Café ArtySana.


ArtySana has two locations in Valencia, we’ve been to the one in Ruzafa (Calle de Denia 49).

Hype Level

8 out of 10

What’s on offer:

The café “Art y Sana” is one of the most popular coffee shops in Ruzafa among tourists. We went there to have breakfast on a Sunday morning and managed to snatch one of the last available tables in the patio, which was about the size of a napkin and came with two mismatched chairs. Not the most comfortable setting to eat Sunday brunch. The indoor furniture appeared to be a bit more comfortable.

At “Art y Sana” you can eat a wide variety of breakfast foods, sandwiches and cakes as well as a brunch menu, which includes two drinks and three dishes for 12 €.

Café con leche
Café con leche

Ole Café

Price for café con leche: € 1,80

The coffee was very good. We had a classical “café con leche” but there are many options available, if you’d like your “cup of joe” to be a bit more special, including cappuccino, matcha latte and flat white.

The good, bad, ugly

Good: All of the dishes were recently prepared and tasty and there’s something for everyone on the menu, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Bad: The place was very crowded, and we therefore had to wait quite a while for our food.

Ugly: The decor of the “Art y Sana” is a bit, well, artsy we suppose, but especially the patio seems a bit dilapidated with dead plants and wobbly furniture.


Rara Cara: What’s the weirdest dish on the menu?

Probably the kefir with dates, hazelnuts and seeds. Sounded too exotic for us to actually dare to go for it :)


To be honest with you, we don’t really understand why this is such a popular café. If you are searching a relaxed spot for your weekend brunch, we’d advise you to look further. We found “Art y Sana” a bit too crowded and while we enjoyed the food it was also nothing out of the ordinary considering the price. They do allow you to bring your computer and work there if they have enough tables free, though, so it might be a nice place for digital nomads to get some work done (on a weekday) while enjoying good coffee.


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