Bastard Coffee & Kitchen

Relaxed lunch at the Bastard


 ⋅ Mar 7, 2022 ⋅ 1 min read

Bastard Coffee & Kitchen
Bastard Coffee & Kitchen


Carrer Leandro de Saralegui 1, 46021 Valencia

Hype Level

5 out of 10

What’s on offer:

The Bastard is a modern café and restaurant a bit off the beaten track in the student quarter of Algirós. The interior is decorated in a clean and minimalist style with high ceilings and lots of potted plants and the menu offers a lot of variety with a mix of mediterranean and international cuisine for brunch, lunch and dinner, including vegan and vegetarian options.


Ole Café

Price for café con leche: € 2,00

Café con leche
Café con leche

Good, not too strong coffee. Lots of different options, including Golden Milk and pistachio coffee.

The good, bad, ugly

Good: We especially like the relaxed vibe and the many different food choices and can heartily recommend the lunch menu, which offers three courses and a drink for 10,95 € (Monday to Friday), with a slightly pricier option during the weekend.

Bad: The Bastard is usually very busy on the weekends which means you might have to wait for a table and the service can be a bit slow.

Ugly: The only thing we didn’t enjoy that much was sitting at an uncleared table for rather a long time - probably due to the servers being very busy.

Vegetarian Burger
Vegetarian Burger

Rara Cara: What's the weirdest dish on the menu?

The weekend menu includes “Mac & Cheese” which seems a rather unusual dish for a restaurant but probably evokes lots of lovely childhood memories for many people so we won’t judge. :)


If you’re searching for healthy eating options or a comfortable place to spend a rainy afternoon away from the tourist masses, check out the Bastard! The terrace is not that big and usually quite busy though, so it might be a good idea to reserve a table, if you’d like to sit outside.


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