La Bernarda

Tapas at the Tapineria


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La Bernarda
La Bernarda


C/ de la Tapinería, 15, 46001 Valencia

Hype Level

6 out of 10

What’s on offer:

“La Bernarda” is part of the “Mercado de Tapineria”, an association of restaurants and two concept stores with different pop-up markets, centered around a pedestrian square in Valencia’s historical center. We stumbled upon the Tapineria by accident, but really liked the vibe there and have been back several times since. The terrace can get a bit crowded on the weekend, though.

The menu of “La Bernarda” is quite limited, they offer a selection of tapas-style dishes as well as paella.

Café con leche
Café con leche

Ole Café

Price for café con leche: € 1,70

Nothing special to say about the coffee, it's strong and trustworthy.

The good, bad, ugly

Good: The Tapineria square is very nice with a laid-back atmosphere and an artistic concept, and the terrace of La Bernarda is a perfect place to pass some hours on a hot day. The food arrived fast and all of the dishes tasted good. We especially recommend the Esgarraet con Capellanets.

Bad: Not a great selection of vegetarian options, almost all the dishes include meat or fish. We tried the “patatas bravas” and the “tomato salad”, which are both solid choices, if nothing extraordinary.

Ugly: Some of the “raciones” seemed a bit meager for the price, and the presentation of the food was uninspiring to say the least.

Selection of "Raciones"
Selection of "Raciones"


We definitely recommend a visit to “La Bernarda” on a sunny day, when you can enjoy the terrace and visit some of the stores with arts and handicrafts around. It's not the place if you are looking for gourmet food, but a perfect location to have a snack with your drink after a busy day shopping.


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