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 ⋅ Jul 25, 2022 ⋅ 2 min read

Salad Planet
Salad Planet


Calle Doctor Romagosa, 3, 46002 Valencia

Hype Level

5 out of 10

What’s on offer:

We discovered Salad Planet by chance but liked the concept and decided to come back to give it a try. Not really super hyped, but already discovered by a couple of digital nomad kind of people working from the backseats. Salad Planet has been founded with the idea of offering fast and simple food with a focus on healthy and sustainable choices. For lunch there are only two kind of items on the menu: salads and wraps, but they come with lots of different ingredients. The menu itself being not much more than the selected item and one drink. Not only are there many vegan and vegetarian options, you can also customize your salad or wrap entirely to your liking! The breakfast menu includes toasts, bowls and milkshakes.

Salad Planet
Salad Planet

The good, bad, ugly

Good: It can be complicated to find restaurants in Valencia which have "the kitchen" open the whole day. At Salad Planet you can eat whenever you like from 9:30 h to 20:30 h, which is great if you don’t follow the classic Spanish timetable. We also like the focus on fast but healthy dishes with fresh ingredients and the commitment to sustainability. The bowls and cutlery were re-usable and all the beverages come in recyclable bottles or cans.

Bad: While the terrace is great, with no traffic and many tables available, the interior seemed a bit dark and sparsely decorated. The seating area didn’t feel very inviting, the tables were minimalistic and the chairs were quite uncomfortable. The food was good and very nicely presented but the dressings were a bit bland, so overall the salads tasted a bit boring.

Ugly: The avocados we were served looked unfortunately very brown and sad, YMMV. Not a pretty sight.

Perfect for…

… quick meal while taking a break from working or exploring the city. When we were there we saw several people working on their computers, might be a great spot for digital nomads, especially if you’re looking for a quiet place with air conditioning if you dont mind the not-super-comfy chairs.

Poke with mango dressing
Poke with mango dressing


While the food isn’t anything extraordinary we certainly recommend Salad Planet if you’re looking for plant-based options or a nice terrace to relax for a bit or if you just want to have a healthy lunch without any fuss or wait. If you like beer, you should definitely try one of the Valencian brews, such as the Mascleta.


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