Horchatería Vida

Iced horchata for summer days


 ⋅ May 30, 2022 ⋅ 1 min read

Horchatería Vida
Horchatería Vida



Partida de Saboya, 6, 46120 Alboraya

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4 out of 10


What’s on offer:

We stopped at the Horchatería Vida while exploring the Valencian suburb town Alboraya. The “Vida” is a popular spot for horchata and fartons, both Valencian specialties. Did you know that the recipe for fartons was actually born in Alboraya?

A “farton” is a kind of sweet, elongated bun that is dipped in the horchata, a milky drink made from tiger nuts. While the horchata is served cold you can also enjoy fartons with hot chocolate or coffee.

The Horchaterída Vida is situated on the outskirts of the town, next to a river and in between fields. It has a very big terrace with lots of trees providing shade, a lovely garden, a chicken coop and a small play area for kids.

Iced and traditional horchata with handmade fartons
Iced and traditional horchata with handmade fartons

The good, bad, ugly

Good: The handmade „fartons“ were delicious, very soft and spongy and the best we have tried so far! We especially recommend the iced horchata. The ice balances the slightly bitter flavor of the tiger nut and turns it into a perfect drink for the blazing Spanish summer days.

Bad: While the location is one of the factors that make the “Vida” special, the disadvantage is that it cannot be directly reached with public transport. We decided to take the Metro to “Alboraya Peris Aragó” and walked from there, mostly along the bike lane. Since there’s very little shade along the route, we would encourage you to avoid the midday hours during the summer months. The station “Almàssera” is approximately the same distance away (~ 1,5 km).

Ugly: Your red and sweaty faces, if you arrive at the Horchatería after trekking there in the midday sun.


While there are many horchaterías in Valencia, a trip to Alboraya for fartons might still be worth it, especially if you’d like to spend a more relaxed and laid-back day. We’d say bring a pack of cards or a good book and go enjoy the lovely terrace. While drinking iced horchata, obviously!

Garden and chicken coop
Garden and chicken coop


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